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Fine Arts in Hungary
Image on stained glass of a woman reading a book
Urban Dharma, Buddhism in America
Image of a monk praying before Buddha
1914 cartoon reading "Bound for Berlin: The Great War Game" encircling a German soldier with a frightened look
Mea Culpa of the Pope
Thumbnail of print
Arrest of Louis Capet at Varennes, June 22, 1791
Act of Justice
The Abolition of Slavery Project
Drawing of two men, with a white man that is presumably Thomas Clarkson in the foreground, and a black man in the background. They are both dressed in colonial-era clothing.
Studs Terkel Radio Archive
Red and white text reading 'Studs Terkel Radio Archive' on a black background.
Traditional Image of Soviet Women
Project Vox
Japanese American Incarceration at Amache, Colorado, Interview
Louis as Pig
Lines of Struggle - Letters to President Lula
Japanese Text Initiative
Detail of "The Priest Saigyo" a painting of an older man in a flowing black robe underneath Japanese text
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
"The Radical's Arms" a political cartoon criticizing French Revolutionaries for the reign of terror by depicting two peasants with a guillotine before a burning globe